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Welcome to Iron Wolf Malinois and Training

Iron Wolf is a family business that started with the love of a very special dog. When I purchased my very first Belgian Malinois, I instantly knew this breed would require more time, commitment and skill than I ever imagined but I had fallen in love with the loyalty and eagerness to learn and desire to please. I found an incredible mentor and began working diligently to further my education and practical application of different training methods. I currently travel across the country taking workshops, training with industry leaders, trialing and competing. I regularly serve the community by volunteering my time and skills at the local animal shelters and by organizing community outreach events to spread education on the importance of proper husbandry, socialization and training for our canine companions.

AKC Chaland’s Lost Storm CGCA TKI CA aka “Styrmir” is a 2 and 1/2 year old Belgian Malinois. He trains in personal protection, narcotics detection, obedience, protection sports and FastCAT. Styrmir is clear through Embark DNA testing for 3/4 known genetic defects that affect Belgian Malinois. He is a YARZ2 carrier. OFA hips: fair, elbows: normal. We will be updating the results of his eye exam soon.

AKC Iron Wolf’s Dark Angel CGC TKN aka “Valkyrie” is a 2 year old Belgian Malinois. She trains in Conformation, Rally, FastCAT, and scentwork. Valkyrie is clear through Embark DNA testing for all 4 known genetic defects affecting Belgian Malinois. We will have her evaluated for OFA hips and elbows as soon as possible.

Eyes: normal

AKC Chaland’s Powers of the Divine Feminine AKA Freyja 

Freyja is a 9 month old female. She is training in AKC conformation, and obedience. Our plans with Freyja include AKC sports, and PSA. Come back to watch Freyja grow and mature! We will post her health clearances as we get them completed.

AKC Chaland’s Quest for Valhalla AKA Berserk 

Berserk is our newest addition to Iron Wolf K9. He is 9 weeks old. Our plans for him include narcotics detection, and PSA. We will update his health clearances as he grows and matures!

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